Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The 2013 to-do list results


WHAT I’VE CROSSED OFF / sort of crossed off / got a good start on;
- Participated in the 16 DEBUT anthology comic project.
- Rebooted the Surfing Waffle comic.
- Wrote my first short story ‘Iridescent Ersatz.’
- Made my first FB yard sale group sale.
- Made a cheap puppet of Iridescent, the lead monster from ‘Iridescent Ersatz.’
- Made a cheap but cute papercraft.
- Got a demo reel made.
- Got a physical portfolio.
- Got a list of all the current Club Nintendo games.
- Got a new character card template. Well a couple actually.
- Got acid-free plastic bags for storage.
- Got my first green screen. (Just need a wall to hang it.)
- Got tree seeds to be planted.
- Got Vic Mignogna’s autograph.
- Got a new cushion for my chair which I desperately needed.
- Got a new set of headphones. (Special thanks to M.)
- Got a complete set of Green Lantern Power Rings.
- Photographed all of my current vinyl dolls and clay creations.
- Photographed Blinkie and her friends.
- Photographed some different places in Nova Scotia.
- Kept my promise to Drakaina and gave her a drawing I made of her from Hal-Con 2012.
- Finished a Muscles Glasses vinyl toy.
- Finished the Storm-Artists collage.
- Finished the two polar bear cubs picture.
- Finished ‘Chimney Man’.
- Finished the My Little Pony Transformer picture.
- Finished the Christmas card picture.
- Finished a matte painting based on Green Lantern.
- Finished a picture of Mickey and Minnie.
- Finished a new costume for Hal-Con.
- Finished card artwork for Froman’s card game.
- Finished storyboards for “Le Directeur”, a short film written by ImaginationArts.
- Finished a poster.
- Finished a poster for my nephew’s band, Past The Point of Words.
- Signed up for Kijiji.
  - Made my first Kijiji sale.
- Signed up for PayPal.
  - Got my first paid commission.
- Signed up for eBay and won my first auction.
  - That auction win was Necrosan of Primal Rage fame (or infamy.)
- Signed up for etsy.
- Signed up for Vimeo. Uploaded my demo reel.
- Signed up for Threadless.
- Started a Storenvy page.
- Started a new Jazz sketch.
- Found an art usage for ashes.
- Learned how to make Rice Krispies squares.
- Learned how to make decent spaghetti.
- Learned how to install a hard drive. (Since the old one went kaputsky.)
- Figured out how to make PDFs.
- Figured out how to get Netflix on my Wii.
- Figured out a new format for WATCHING DVDs. (Just can’t implement it yet…)
- Trounced Malacefire in a game. (Buzz)
- Sent stuff to the Game Grumps. (If they ever play TMNT: Mutant Melee there’s a good chance it was from me.)
- Went to Toys R Us.
- Went to the Oaklawn Farm Zoo, during feeding time. (Even fed a bear a jellybean. The zookeeper commented on my fast reflexes.)
- Went to Strange Adventures as it was closing during Free Comic Book Day, and the new Strange Adventures during Hal-Con 2013.
- Went to a beach. Went into the water. Went in without a shirt (I know, thanks for sharing). Probably went in to far but don’t care, had fun.
- Entered the Create-A-Darkstalkers contest.
- Entered other contests.
- Received a 2DS for Christmas! (I asked for a cushion.)
- Saw some more movies and played more games.
- Reconnected with some old friends.
- One other thing that I’ve forgotten.

- Did not get new TL : DR comics coloured, but they are drawn.
- Too late and too broke to book a table at Hal-Con’s Artist Alley.
- About a dozen things I wanted to do at Hal-Con were not accomplished due to the publicized overcrowding, the least of which being that I forgot to get another longbox for my comics collection.
- Missed out on Race Week.
- Had to sell my van before mastering driving…but this might work out in the end.
- Going to have to buy the full copy of Fraps to have a video capturer.

- Making candy bacon has been removed due to what effect bacon has on my stomach. Which as an Epic Meal Time fan is greatly disappointing.

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