Monday, January 6, 2014

13 Thing That I Liked In 2013

I hated 2013 with a burning passion, but these things were ok.

In no particular order;

1, Finally seeing Necrosan in Primal Rage 2 - Even though there is yet to be a playable version of Primal Rage
2 beyond what YouTube user raydude showed off in December of 2012, another YouTube user, Gruntzilla94, showed
off what he could from the Primal Rage 2 emulator, mostly notable of which, Necrosan, the elusive final boss
of the series, previously only known from the PlayMates action figure line. And guess what? Necrosan was a
playable character! Only time will tell if we'll ever get a chance to play as him.

2, The Nickelodeon TMNT surprises - For a series on the same network as SpongeBob SquarePants, the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has been full of surprises. I genuinely was taken aback when they turned Dogpound, a ridiculously goofy design, into the nightmare-enducing new incarnation of Rahzar! The first episode of the second season, where Kirby O' Neil, April's dad, is accidentally mutated into 'Wingnut' shockingly made you feel sympathy towards both of them. That and I didn't expect how creepy Mutagen Man and Slash would be. Not to say that everything this season so far is perfect, but we're only seven episodes in to
another 26 episode season and I can't wait to see where things go from here.

3, The Nostalgia Critic's new theme - I admit I thought that Doug Walker should have waited longer to return to the NC, but how he's gone about his reviews as of late, I guess the time in-between 'To Boldly Flee' and
the end of 'Demo Reel' was worth it. Plus his new theme song reminds me of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes theme, which is a-ok in my book.

4, Pacific Rim - While the acting was a little...ok a lot weak, I want to see more from this universe (than
crappy cash-in DLC-heavy games). I would rather see one or two movies that take a chance like Pacific Rim did
and do something different, than watch 99.99% of the unmitigated tripe shovelled in front of us every year by
these so-called film companies.

5, WWE NXT - The best wrestling on television. Period. Simple stories. Interesting personas. Amazing matches. While RAW and Smackdown have been bogged down with Twitter, the WWE app, and nonsensical gobbley-gook, NXT keeps things focused on wrestling. Period. NXT has produced some of WWE's current big names, and will continue to for years to come.

6, Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro, best 2 out of 3  - You know you've watched something special, in terms of wrestling matches, when they pull off moves you've never even seen before!

7, Paige - The current as-of-this-writing NXT Women's Champion, and one of the best female wrestlers currently
on WWE NXT. Well, all of them are pretty good but Paige is definitely my favorite. Those eyes. That smile. Definitely more interesting than Eva Marie, that's for certain.

8, Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro  - When Daniel Bryan first became number one contender in 2013, he was put in a Gauntlet match, against Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro and Ryback. Bryan's match with Swagger was alright,
the one with Ryback was a botch fest (on Ryback's part), but the match between Bryan and Cesaro made me not only a Daniel Bryan fan, but an Antonio Cesaro fan, even though Cesaro is a heel wrestler i.e. bad guy. Why the WWE decided to put Bryan through so much crap this year was beyond me.

9, Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam - A RAW main event with two veterans that was exceptional to say the least. Definitely pay-per-view worthy.

10, Pretty much any match in 2013 with Goldust - Dustin Runnels debuted in 1988, and became Goldust in 1995. He returned to WWE for the fourth time in 2013 after a three year absence and had an amazing match with Randy
Orton, not showing any signs of ring rust. Since becoming Tag Team champions with his younger brother Cody,
Goldust has been on the best string of wrestling matches I've ever seen him in. He's even done cross-body and Hurricanranas off the top rope! Pretty damn good for 44!

11, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton - One of the best RAW main eventss in years, before Orton used a low blow. But then again, Orton's the top heel at the moment.

12, Without Warning - A movie from 1994, a fake news cast about asteroids striking Earth. People were apparently tricked into thinking it was real, despite an appearance from John de Lancie, better known as 'Q' from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I won't spoil the ending, but it is a very dark, very powerful one.

13, DuckTales Remastered - A remake of the NES classic, not only did WayForward redraw everything in glorious
cartoony goodness, but the entire cast of the Ducktales series was reunited (well, as many as possible) to
record a storyline revolving around the original NES game. I'm convinced WayForward can't make a bad game!

So, yeah. That's all I could think of for 2013. =/

Pretty lame, huh?

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