Saturday, September 28, 2013

What-if Smash Bros # 3

Scrooge McDuck

Costumes;DuckTales outfit, Christmas Carol outfit

Entrance; LaunchPad drops Scrooge off via that helicopter from DuckTales ReMastered

Neutral B;Treasure Shield - Ordinarily Scrooge would never use his wealth in such a manner, but this rare golden shield is so effective in battle, he's be foolish not to utilize it.
Side B; Golf Swing - Scrooge swings his cane like a club, which knocks anything it connects with at a 50 degree angle.
Up B; Cane-Copter - A small propeller  comes out of Scrooge's cane and lifts him upwards. The propeller stops on contact with anything, but does massive damage to opponents.
Down B; Pogo Cane - Scrooge bounces off his cane like a pogo stick. He's able to bounce off of pretty much everything, including opponents.

Final Smash; Gizmoduck appears and fires off missiles in every direction.

Special Trait; Every one of Scrooge's B attacks can be charged, even his Neutral B. Charging them up effectively makes them damage slightly more.


Side; "I'm smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies!"
Up; "Lad, you mean to learn to respect your elders!"
Down; "Hahaha, now that's the spirit!"

Victory; Theme - Stage Clear from DuckTales ReMastered.

1 - "I'm not just rich with wealth!"
2 - "You may have had the power but I had the experience!"
3 - "Aye, what a fight!"

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