Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The "Fake" Girl Geek "Controversy."

I typically don't comment on serious to semi-serious topics for the pure and simple reason that I feel like nothing I can say will hold water. But if I get irritated enough, it kind of helps ye ol' rant to build up.

For those of you that have no idea what a 'fake geek girl' is, lemme tell you what it is.

It is a term created by males who identify themselves as nerds or geeks or the like that have an issue with the fact that women go to cons and play games  and read comics too.

The issue that these men have with female nerds is that they dress up like sexy superheroes for attention and don't really know anything about nerd-dom.

Well, not really.

It's actually because A, they don't want to share their geeky nerdy fandoms with women and B, they know that that Wonder Woman cosplayer probably won't go to bed with them.

This is not a female issue, this is a male issue. And one that is ridiculous. Women are just as geeky as men. I know all of my female friends from college adored things like Doctor Who, Team Fortress 2, Psychonauts, and Monster Hunter.

Plus, not everyone, regardless of gender, posts pictures of themselves for sexual reasons. Some do it to show their new body created by their self-discipline. Others do it to go out of their comfort zone or as an F. U. to everyone who ever put them down. And of course, the reason could be as simple as sharing vacation pictures. The point being is that not every sexy picture you see was intented for sexual reasons.

Basically, if you go to a con, keep your comments to yourself. All of us, regardless of your walk of life, go to cons for one common reason; fun. You wouldn't want that Wonder Woman cosplayer to take away from your con experience, you don't have the right to take away from her's.

No self shirtless pics to end this. Waiting for my kegger to become a six-pack.

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