Monday, July 29, 2013

What-if Smash Bros # 2

Bebop and Rocksteady

Costumes; Original series, TMNT4 pirate outfits, Mighty Mutations, Superheroes, Robot Copies, Anime, IDW.

Entrance; Bebop and Rocksteady enter via transport modules.

Bebop and Rocksteady fight one at a time, switching between them by either pressing Down B or losing a stock.

Both use a combination of weaponry and wrestling moves. Bebop is considered a middleweight while Rocksteady can be considered a heavyweight.


Neutral B; Fires off three harpoons from his gun. Tilting the control stick allows him to target.

Side B; Charged forward at the enemy with s shoulder tackle. This move will go forwards a short distance if he doesn't connect with anything. Danger of ring outting yourself.

Up B; Rocksteady's gun fires a harpoon with a rope attached to it upwards. This is a tether recovery.


Neutral B; Fires three energy rings from his gun. Holding B and releasing fires larger rings.

Side B; Flings an electric whip at your opponents. Smashing Side B can result in tying up an opponent temporarily.

Up B; Swings a ball and chain above his head similar to his appearance in the NES game The Manhattan Project. Charging results in a faster and wider radius with the swing.

Down B for both; Tag out. Swaps obe mutant lackey for another.

Final Smash; Armourment. A module drills through the center of the arena, lending Bebop and Rocksteady large laser rifles. Both stay on the screen during the attack, as both fire with every press of the B button. The A button results in knife swipes.

Special Trait; Once per stock, both Bebop and Rocksteady can summon one Foot Soldier to the stage. They are k.o.ed with one good hit but they can act as distractions. A Foot Soldier will either fire a gun or swing a katana.



Side; "Stand and fight!" shakes his fist.

Up; "Like shooting Fishfaces in a barrel!"

Down; "Master Shredder will reward us fir this!"


Side; "You better fight harder!" waves gun.

Up; "Oh goody, target practice!"

Down; "Did you really try to touch my ears?"


1 - Both dancing "We did it! We beat somebody!"

2 - Posing with guns.

3 - Bebop "Those toitles are next!"

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