Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What-if Smash Bros. characters # 1

Inspired by Chincherrinas, this is basically just an article to judge interest in me making fake Super Smash Bros. movesets.

If people like this idea, I'll make more. If not, I'll make more. ;)


Costumes; 1930s, Bruce Timm, The Batman, Brave and the Bold, Beware The Batman, Young Justice, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Arkham Asylum, Beyond, Injustice, The Dark Knight.

Entrance; jumps from the Batwing onto the stage.

Neutral B - Batarang; Throws a batarang. Tilting the control stick slighlty alters it's trajectory. Holding down the B button for a second will yield three Batarangs.

Side B - Utility Belt; By using his trait, Batman is able to switch which tool his Side B will use.

Tazers; Batman will stun his opponent with tazers and knee them in the face if his opponent is in close range. Does Thunder element damage.

Bat-Knuckles; Batman puts on electric knuckles, and delivers a might uppercut. All of Batman's punching attacks will do extra damage until Batman either chooses a new weapon or gets K. O. ed.

Bat-Explosive; Batman places a small explosive on the ground. If Side B is smashed, Batman will instead throw it. If it connects to an opponent, it'll act the same as the Gooey Bomb from Brawl.

Bat-Gas Bomb; Acts like the smoke bomb in Brawl, but does Poison damage. Also stuns opponents temporarily once it hits the ground.

Bat Sonar; If it connects with the opponent, they will be swarmed by bats. The bats must be shaken off like Mini-Goombas in Super Mario Bros 3. This move cannot be used again until the Bats have either been shaken off or 5 seconds have passed.

Up B - Grappling Hook; acts like a tether recovery. If Batman uses it on a ground opponent, he'll launch towards them with a kick. If Batman uses it on an in-air opponent, he'll force them downwards. If Batman uses it while he's in the air on a ground opponent or an air opponent, he'll launche towards them with a punch that'll act as a Meteor Smash.

Down B - Cape Clothesline; Batman twists around, using his cape as a weapon. It's able to knockback opponents slightly, giving Batman breathing room and it also can deflect some energy attacks. If Batman has an elemental damage such as Fire, the cape can shake it off, but does so less quickly every usage after the first. Inspired by his move in Batman Returns for the SNES.

Final Smash - Bat-Bot; The Batmobile appears. Batman jumps inside as it transforms into a fighting robot. Bat-Bot is only able to punch and kick during 15 seconds of free-roaming. Bat-Bot cannot be knocked backwards or damaged but can still be Ring Outted.

Special Trait; My version of Smash has fighters use another button to activate different abilities, for Batman, it's to scroll through his belt's weaponry.

Up - Batman holds his cape up in an intimidating fashion.

Side - "You're afraid!"

Down - "Stay down!"

Victory quotes;

1 - Poses with a batarang.

2 - Launches his grappling hook and leaves.

3 - Covers himself with his cape and growls; "Crime never sleeps." May also say "I am Batman!"

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